Clean and simple was the design inspiration for the custom packaging. Viceroy Creative designed the pack to showcase the award, honing in on the box structure and leaving graphic elements to a minimum. A foil stamped outline of the award adorns the top of the rigid box as a focal point against the black matte soft touch paper. Double doors open to unveil the unique award, which sits on display in EVA foam, topped with a gold printed liner. The gold liner boasts the Dieline logo, along with that of their partners who aided in development of the box: Viceroy Creative, Neenah Packaging and MW Luxury Packaging



The Dieline Award Trophies are inspired by the humble cut lines of a simple folding box, but reimagined in impressive sculptural form and brought to life as a museum quality heirloom by
the prestigious firm, Society Awards.  To make each Dieline Award involves a combination of industrial machinery and hand craftsmanship.  Each award is cast with technical precision using automotive quality steel dies, and then lovingly hand finished and polished to a mirror perfection.  The awards in different categories are electroplated with a combination of charcoal chrome, a rhodium-nickel alloy, and genuine 24kt gold.  

Society Awards are designers and manufacturers of high end custom awards and recognition products. Our clients range from televised entertainment programs to charitable organizations, Fortune 500 corporations to film festivals all over the country. We listen carefully to your needs and design your award with as little or as much input as you care to give, or for when the occassion requires we also offer a gorgeous selection of stocked items. The end goal is to get the perfect product to meet the purpose, the deadline and the budget. To honor a departing colleague or to make a unique symbol to brand your organization for years to come, we will take care of you from start to finish. In addition to quality affordable products, we provide a host of services to make your recognition program as convenient as possible. In fact, not only are the products custom, but our terms and relations are entirely tailored to the needs and convenience of each client. Our business is focused on close, long-term relationships with our clients. Society Awards is headquartered in New York City with manufacturing facilities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Canada and several overseas. 



Viceroy Creative, a full-service marketing agency. 
Historically, a Viceroy would be brought in to quickly and effectively accomplish some objective within an administered area, putting forth perfectly the intention of those in charge while being capable of independent thought and action, staying in perfect coordination with the leaders. 
Like a leadership partner for hire. Viceroy Creative accomplishes business objectives for our clients through the use of strategic creative marketing and design.
Services include brand strategy, innovation, brand engagement, partnerships and collaborations, design and production coordination. Viceroy takes a project from idea to completion and everything in between. From the big idea to brand architecture and identity, to product development, packaging, design, illustration, digital, and manufacturing to the 360 campaign. Or as Viceroy puts it: climbing mountains and slaying dragons.

Viceroy Creative is headquartered in New York City. 

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