We are proud to Partner with Nielsen Design Solutions

With our partnership with Nielsen Design Solutions, The Dieline Awards is the only package design awards competition to leverage retail performance data as part of the winner identification process. As a complement to retail data, Nielsen surveys thousands of consumers to assess how well each redesign will address its core communication objective and to gauge purchase preference for the new packages over the old ones.

Nielsen, the global performance management company, believes in the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy. By studying the habits of consumers in over 100 countries, they offer a complete view of trends and habits around the world. Their work is twofold: exploring how people consume content and uncovering what attracts them to make a purchase. Together, this information offers businesses and brands of all sizes a deep understanding of how to improve their performance.

  2017 Winner: Lean Cuisine

2017 Winner: Lean Cuisine

About The Nielsen Design Impact Award

Last year, we introduced the Nielsen Design Impact Award, in which winners were chosen by combining choice and diagnostic responses from a large number of category consumers with point-of-sale data, this award highlights the power of an effective redesign. Unlike the other categories where winners are selected by our esteemed jury, the Nielsen Design Impact Award puts the decision in consumers’ hands. By highlighting the statistical improvement a brand can make, the Nielsen Design Impact Award recognizes the tangible power of design.

This year we are thrilled to expand this category to recognize more outstanding redesigns that have boosted sales and made a mark in the market. A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner will be recognized, and the highest achieving redesign will win 2018’s Most Impactful Redesign. We will personally invite winners to accept their awards live on-stage during The Dieline Awards Ceremony at HOW Design Live 2018. May the most impactful design win.

Please note, we can only accept submissions from the U.S. Entry for this category is free.


The Nielsen Design Impact Award Methodology

The Nielsen Design Impact Award highlights package designs that have catalyzed remarkable brand growth. For the 2017 competition, Nielsen received hundreds of submissions detailing successful U.S. package redesigns. Nielsen evaluated the design performance of each entry by comparing the dollar sales, unit sales, and distribution in the year following the redesign to the same period one year prior. Consideration was given to other factors that can impact brand growth, such as category growth, product extensions, and increased marketing support. Finalists were then evaluated via quantitative consumer research among thousands of category buyers to assess how well each redesign addressed its core communication objective and drove purchase preference for the new design over the previous one.


Who Can Enter?

Brands and design agencies can submit their redesigns for consideration. No fee is required to participate, and there is no limit on the number of entries one party can submit. We do, however, have a few restrictions:

  • The design submitted must be a redesign of an existing product.
  • The redesigned product must’ve launched between January 1, 2015 and March 1, 2017.
  • The redesigned product must be sold in the United States. At this time, we can’t accept international entries.
  • The product must belong to a consumer-packaged-goods category sold at major retailers. (This includes products that you use up and buy with relative frequency—anything from toothpaste to beer to pet food. It does not include “durable” products such as electronics and toys.)